Discover How To Grow Your Church Faster Than Ever Before By Joining My Free, Online Workshop.

Crush it With Facebook Ads!

There is no faster, cheaper, or more effective way to grow your church than through Facebook Advertising.  Discover how churches are using it and getting real results.

I Created This Free Facebook Ads Workshop To Give Your Church An Easy 4-Step Plan To Grow Faster Than Ever Before By Using Facebook Advertising.

What You'll Discover During The Workshop...

Understand Facebook's TRUE Superpower

Discover how to harness Facebook's surprising TRUE Superpower that enables your church grow quickly (hint: it's NOT just a "plan your visit" campaign)

Implement The "Auto-Pilot" Feature

Save hours every week PLUS put your church growth on near auto-pilot with this amazing feature that gets you lots of results from just a little effort.

Get People To Show Up On Sunday

This one simple ad is the key to getting people to show up every Sunday.  20 minutes and $20 a week is about all it takes.  It's super simple.

Complete Your Church's "Sales Funnel"

Combine the previous 3 lessons into a “church growth funnel” that reliably and repeatedly produces new church members so you can change more lives.

Without help, most churches quit Facebook Ads after trying them once or twice.

Some can figure out how to get “engagement” or “video views” or “clicks” with FB Ads but don’t know how to convert these things into actual church members.

Let’s fix all that and get your church off of the ‘never-ending social media hamster wheel’ so you can start easily getting new church members with proven Facebook Ads instead.

You're Ready To Get Started So Join Us Now:

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